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Finding the Best Blackjack Casino Site Online

With so many blackjack sites available for example , there are a few things you want to look for before settling on your blackjack casino. The best blackjack casino sites will offer all the variations of blackjack, including live blackjack play with real dealers. You want to pick a top-rated site that’s popular with casino players. You should find a top blackjack site that’s easy to use with a well presented virtual table that provides fuss-free gaming.For recommendations, be sure to check out the list above of our editor's picks for the Top Irish Sites For Blackjack! Types of Blackjack Variations There are many types of blackjack games, with variations of the casino classic played across different countries and different casinos. Here are some of the most popular blackjack variations. Surrender Blackjack | This is a form of blackjack that allows players to surrender their hand and receive half the bet back. Perfect Blackjack | This variation of the game gives players the chance to place up to five blackjack side bets, otherwise the rules are just like regular blackjack with the dealer sticking on 17. Pontoon | Usually played with eight decks, this version uses the standard blackjack rules with the player receiving two face up cards and the dealer receiving two face down cards. Switch Blackjack | The player gets two hands instead of one in this blackjack game, with the option to switch the top two cards between hands. Multi-Hand Blackjack? | This is a variant of the game that allows players to play more than one hand per game.